With the Treaty of Thronehold, the Last War was at an end, and the continent of Khorvaire was at peace once more. At least, that’s what everyone wants to believe. But in the shadows of the spires and walls, things are stirring.

Aundair is stirring.


The campaign is in planning, and is looking for players as well, and the intend is to run the campaign from Level 1 to Level 30, and will start off in Aurain. Players, veterans of the Last War, will deal with the fragile peace of Thronehold, at least at the beginning. From there on out, a lot depends on the participants.

Knowledge of Eberron or D&D 4E is not required.

More information on house rules, goals, and where we play can be found in the meta section of the wiki.

High Magic, Low Lifes

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